The Assam Valley Express a.k.a AVE is published every week by the Publication Department of The Assam Valley School. The Weekly chronicles the day-to-day happenings in the School with articles and reviews. A team of senior pupils run the Activity throughout the week and it is sent to an external printing house for publication. The printed issues are circulated across the School community, Staff and the students. The parents and other members associated with the School also get the printed copies every week. Each issue is uploaded in the School website regularly, and also mailed to the subscribers outside AVS.

A special magazine, AVE Foundersí issue is released every year during Foundersí celebration at AVS.

The Newsletter does more than just recording the life of School. Since its inception in 1995, AVE has been carrying the stunning legacy of our School by upholding the literary, journalistic and artistic flavour of the Aviators.

Working in our Publication Department is certainly a gateway to the world of Print Media.