Debate1:The Headmaster’s Gold Medal Debate, 2012 was held on the 2nd of April. Without doubt, the most prestigious intra-school debate in AVS, this year’s debate showcased some faces well known to the AVS stage and some which were seen venturing onstage for the first time. The topic for the evening’s debate was, ‘We are Reduced to a World of Split-loyalties’ and the debate was conducted in the Oxford format. At the end of this stimulating and gripping debate, Shakti Yambem, a first time debater, waltzed away with the coveted Gold Medal. Suravi Podder was Highly Commended while Sukrita Baruah and Kishaloy Nath were commended.

Debate 2: D.F. Jack Memorial Debates at The Daly College, Indore(12-15April)
Prelims: 'Competitive events create more division than bonhomie'
Second Best Speaker: Yashash Agarwal
The Best Speaker: Puspak Chamariya
Finals: 'Protests should now be adopted as ideology'
The Best Speaker: Puspak Chamariya

AVS was declared Runners up losing to host team by narrow margin of 0.5.

Debate 3: The Hugh Catchpole Debates at RIMC, Dehra Dun(16-19April)

Quarter-final against Welham Boys: 'Quarter Life crisis is the new Mid-life crisis'
Best speaker: Sukrita Baruah
Semi-final against Welham Girls: 'A light purse is a heavy curse'
Best speaker: Yashash Agarwal
AVS won both their debates but could not make to finals - rank 5th among top 20 schools

Debate 4: The XVII Rev. Dr. Samuel Slater Memorial Inter-School English Debates at the Bishop Cotton School, Shimla(23-30April)

Prelims against Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai: 'Young married couples should not live with their parents'
Yashash Agarwal was the second best speaker
Prelims against La Martinere for Boys, Kolkata : 'media makes heroes out if nobodies'

Prelims against Loretto House, Kolkata: 'India's terror error - stereotyping suspects'
Puspak Chamariya and Yashash Agarwal awarded the Second best speaker (tied)

Debate 5:  Middle School Inter House Debate 2012 at The Assam Valley School(29th May)

Topic: 'Creative expression should have unlimited freedom'

  1. Best Speaker- Rishita Seth Bhoroli House.
  2. Most Promising- Speaker Maulik Jain.

House wise Position

  1. Bhoroli-Lohit.
  2. Manas Jinari
  3. Kopili-Dhansiri,Subansiri-Namdang.

Debate 6:  Senior School Inter House Debate 2012 at The Assam Valley School(25th June)

Topic: 'Inclusive education does more good than harm'
    1. Best Speaker-  Sukrita Baruah Bhoroli House.
    2. Most Promising- Joyeeta Dutta.

House wise Position

  1. Bhoroli-Lohit.
  2. Manas Jinari
  3. Kopili-Dhansiri
  4. Subansiri-Namdang.

Debate 7: AVS debating team comprising of Yashash Agarwal, Sukrita Baruah, Puspak Chamariya and Joyeeta Dutta left for New Delhi to participate in the Shri Debates hosted by the Shri Ram School (23-27th July).

Our first debate was against St. Columba’s School, New Delhi and the topic for the debate was “Permanent Membership is the Cause of the UN’s failure” and we were debating against the motion. AVS defeated St. Columba’s and Joyeeta Dutta was adjudged the best speaker while Yashash Agarwal was adjudged the second best speaker.

Our second debate was versus Modern High School, Dubai and the motion stated, “Politics Does Not Divide But God Does”, and we were opposing the motion. Once again we emerged victorious by defeating Modern High School, Dubai. Joyeeta Dutta won Best Speaker award again while Sukrita Baruah was adjudged the second best speaker.

Our third debates topic was “Print Media Has Become Redundant In The Third World of Digital Media” while we proposed the motion, La Martiniere Boys, Kolkata opposed it. Unfortunately, we lost this debate to the Martinians, Joyeeta Dutta was awarded the second best speaker of the debate.

Although, we did not make it to the finals, we were happy to win five individual prizes. Moreover, being hosted by the cricketing legend, Kapil Dev, was a memorable experience.

Debate 8: AVS participated in 39th All India Platinum Jubilee Memorial English Debate 2012 held at  Scindia School, Gwalior, from 22nd to 27th August. The preliminary round had two debates. The first was the Turncoat Debate in which Yashash Agarwal had to first speak two minutes for the motion and then two minutes against the motion and two minutes against the motion which was “Horizontal Is Better than Vertical”. The other debate was in Oxford Format and the topic was “Today Success Is Defined Only in Corporate Terms” for which Joyeta Dutta went for the motion and Sukrita Baruah went against the motion. Unfortunately, we did not qualify to the next round.

Debate 9: AVS participated in 56th Annual Chuckerbutty  Memorial Debate 2012 held at Doon School, School, from 7th to 9th  September. Debates was in Oxford Format and the topic was “This house will support Right to Hartal” for which Joyeta Dutta went for the motion and Puspak Chamariya went against the motion. Unfortunately, we did not qualify to the next round.

Debate 10: AVS hosted 8th East India Debates 2012 held at, from 15th to 20th October. Debates was conducted in Modified Cambridge Format and AVS BLUE consisting of Puspak, Suravi, Madhav,Tanvi defeated La Martiniere Kolkatta in Final.

Model United Nation1:

AVS consisting of Seven Students participated in (15-19May) La Martiniere Calcutta Model United Nations 2012.

Model United Nation2:

The most prestigious MUN of India, The Cathedral Model United Nations was held in Mumbai from the 18th to the 20th of August. AVS represented Australia in six of the nine simulated committees. Joyeeta Dutta of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL), and Akanksha Jain of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), through extensive debate and comprehensive paperwork, received special mentions in the closing ceremony.

Model United Nation3:

AVS hosted 3rd Intra School Model United Nation  held at, 2012.

Model United Nation4:

AVS hosted 4th   Intra School Model United Nation   held at, 9-10th February 2013. Middle and Senior School have separate Model United Nation.

Senior School Model United Nation  :

Best Delegates-Aidan Nongrum
Most Promising Delegates-  Madhav Juneja.

Middle School Model United Nation  :
Best Delegates - Samyak Sethi

Most Promising Delegates- Nehal Ahmed