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The Assam Valley School launches The Forum a platform for self-expression, eloquence and global awareness. The two major activities under this umbrella are English Debating and Model United Nations. The levels are Inter School, Inter-House and Intra-House. These activities can be pursued by students as their co-curricular activity and by joining the same club/society. 


      To develop a culture of debating and munning.

      To initiate students into impression debating and diplomatic parleys.

      To become aware of global issues and create a general awareness about socio-political manoeuvrings taking place in the world.

      To develop in students the ability to express opinions as well as state matters with conviction in a public forum.

      To help the students to make a mark for themselves on the Inter-School debating circuit as well as excel at various Model United Nations.

 Forthcoming events (Inter-School)

      The Rev. Samuel Slater Memorial Debates hosted by BCS Shimla

      The All India Frank Anthony Memorial Inter School Debates

      The Shri Debate hosted by The Shri Ram School, DLF, Gurgaon

      The India Today Cup hosted by The Vasant Valley School, New Delhi

      The Chukerbutty Debates hosted by The Doon School Dehradun

      Debating Matters India hosted by The British Council

      East India Debates hosted by The Assam Valley School

 Forthcoming events (Inter-House & others)

      The Head Masters Gold Medal Debate

      Inter- House Debates

      The AVMUN

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