Indian Instrumental Music:

The Indian Instrumental Music Department consists of the Sitar, the Sarod, the Violin, the Hawaian Guitar, the Tabla , the Harmonium and also the Dhol and the Flute. Students are taught elementary practices to compositions and improvisations in the most popular Ragas of Indian Classical Music. Folk Tunes of different regions and Patriotic Songs are also taught.

Students work in Solo, Duet, Trio Duet, and/ or Group arrangements as part of the school Orchestra. Fusion Music is taught in the context of Western Music.


Indian Vocal:

In Indian Vocal classes, students learn classical and semi-classical music, also Gazals, Bhajan, Patriotic songs and different language Folk songs. Student of classes 9 to 12 appear for ICSE & ISC examination. Students perform in different external and internal events.

Tabla & Percussion:

In Rhythm section students learn different percussion instruments like Tabla, Congo Drum, Djembe, and Darubukka . 9th to 12th students appear for ICSE & ISC examination. Students perform in different external and internal events.

Western Music:

In Western Music Department students learn Piano and Guitar also they appear for Trinity Guildhall Practical Examination. Students perform in different events.


During August 2010, 15 students from the Indian Music School had got selected for the 'India's Got Talent - Khoj 2' namely Sayuj Jain (Vocal), Nizika Sorokhaibam, Nagyang dani, Alismita Pathak, Harsha Modi (Sitar), Chaity Sarkar, Tanushree Deorah, Grisha Gupta (Sarod), Judith Syiemleih, Sikshit Patni, Advaiy Chettri (Violin), Harshit Kumar Agarwal, Siddhant Kabra, Prateek Chakraborty ( Hawain Guiter) and Karan Raj Gupta (Tanpura).

However only Sayuj Jain managed to reach the semi-finals.

During July 2012 four students got selected for an upcoming reality show 'Hunar Hindustan Ka', namely Pratyush Saha, Bhargav Parashar, Saket Mittal and Priyam Bhoopal for the excellence in Percussion. This show will be telecast on the channel LifeOK.

We wish them Best of Luck from the school comminity.

Now in our school, music has become interest of all students. Starting from the juniors till the seniors. People are taking Indian Music as an Activity, interest and also a subject.

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