R. CHAUHAN (Master In-Charge)


If you are a beginner you may wonder why photography is so important. The answer is, time changes things and our fickle minds forget how things were yesterday. The only way we can record what time has forgotten is to take a picture and look back to see how things were. Life happens in moving pictures. Photography lets you stop that and make it be still, if but for a moment.

To give a child a camera is to open a world of perspective, expression and quiet communication. Capturing just the right image at just the right moment allows the photographer to reveal his or her artistic expression and perspective. At AVS, we have AVS Photographic Society which is honing the skills of photography to our young minds. We offer photography to our Junior School (classes 4 & 5), Middle School (classes 6-8) and Senior School (classes 9-12). This society takes place once in a week for all categories.

Most of the members of the AVS Photographic Society have SLR cameras. We are teaching our young photographers the following:

#How to use camera: Shutter speed creatively, reducing camera shake with hand-held photos and digital exposure techniques.

#Subjects: Photography in fog, mist or haze, Introduction to macro photography and Introduction & common obstacles in night photography

#Photo Lighting: Making the most of natural light in photography, portrait lighting, studio portrait lighting styles.

#Composition: The rule of thirds, using diagonals of dynamic photos and negative space

#Photo Studio: AVS Photographic Society has set-up photo studio in our school campus recently to specialize our students with the help of Asssam Photography Society.

Finally, school events are recorded in the form of photographic reportage. Pictures are published in school publications like School Weekly ‘AVE’ and annual publication ‘Yearbook’ and our own annual publication ‘Coffee Table Book’ during every Founders’ in which we include best photographs taken by our photographers during the year.

AVS Photographic Society also exhibits its photographs once in every Semester and during Founders’ Day celebrations in the Annual Photographic Exhibition.