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Careers Services Center

The transition between school and college can often involve uncertainties and anxieties. The path towards higher education has been made smoother by the AVS Careers Services Center, which, for the second year running, brought in the Director of the Institute for Career Studies (ICS) and her associates to conduct seminars and one-on-one sessions with students from Classes 9 to 12 in early September. Held over four days, the ICS career counselors prompted the students’ self-reflection through questionnaires, while reconnecting with students of Class 11, with whom the counselors have been working intensively for over a year.


In today’s increasingly competitive world, the ICS workshops strive to create an atmosphere of informed awareness, so that the job-seekers of tomorrow can be better equipped to avail of the many possibilities that lie before them.



NIIT School Learning Solutions

At the start of the new term this August, the Assam Valley School invited a group of engineers representing the NIIT School Learning Solutions business to introduce their product and to interact with the AVS staff. Guided by the NIIT technicians, the staff previewed the comprehensive program, which covers facility management software to programs that link the school curriculum, coursework and assessment criteria to allow for a more accurate and efficient academic monitoring system.


The NIIT School Learning Solutions also allows for a more interactive approach towards the process of learning, using a range of multimedia and imaginative concepts to aid the teaching of difficult concepts.