Junior Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross Society of The Assam Valley School is a part of the Guwahati Unit of JRC. Itís actively involved with deeds basically meant for helping the poor and the needy people. The work involves various fields like providing care to orphans and old people, handicapped children, poor people, finding solutions to many major problems such as religious conflicts, garbage disposal problem as well as making the Government aware of certain negligence on their part.

JRC or the Junior Red Cross has volunteers who render valuable services to the society through various activities like literacy efforts, visits to the welfare institutions, peace initiative and awareness generation programmes.

In this programme there are 10 parameters which include

  • Teaching an illiterate: The students should teach at least one illiterate person so that he can at least sign or write his name.

  • Visiting a charity home: The main purpose of visiting a charity home is to render service to the children living there and also to extend help whichever way possible.

  • Visiting a hospital (which gives them some idea about the conditions of patients in the Govt. hospitals)

  • Making charts on the major religions of India (This helps them to know that all religions preach the same values)

  • Visiting slum areas, which serves as a way to bring to the Govtís notice the poor conditions in which these people are living in

  • Initiate a small project which will benefit the society

  • Collect information through newspapers, articles in magazine etc of the various problems of North east

  • Visiting the handicapped school

  • All these parameters show how they inculcate the sense of service to the society. After the completion of these parameters, the deserving students receive the Governorís Award, The RED CROSS Award or the JRC Award.

The Junior Red Cross Volunteers of the Assam Valley School have done the following parameters in this academic year

  • Visit to Nabaprabhat Orphanage at Tezpur:
    One of the parameters in Junior Red Cross is to visit a Charity Home/ Orphanage regularly offering time and service to these homes. For the completion of this parameter, AVS volunteers have chosen the ‘Nabaprabhat Orphanage’ in Tezpur.
    Our volunteers go to this Orphanage and help the children with their academics, besides helping with the daily chores like watering the vegetable garden, tidying up their clothes and other belongings and also teach them songs and rhymes.

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  • Visit to the Kanaklata Hospital in Tezpur:
    As part of the ten parameters, Junior Red Cross Volunteers have to go to a Civil Hospital and get an idea of the daily governance of that Hospital. They have to see whether the patients are treated with responsibility and care and then write a report on it, which will be sent to the4 JRC Unit in Guwahati.
    The Junior Red Cross volunteers of AVS visited the Kanaklata Hospital at Tezpur during the Founders’ Semester, spoken to various Doctors and Officials and also the patients.


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  • Visit to North Eastern Regional Multipurpose School and Handicapped training Centre.
    In the Summer Semester, the Junior Red Cross volunteers, along with the teachers in charge, went to a School for Physically challenged children in B. Chariali. The volunteers spent the whole day with these children, interacting with them. These children organized a program for the AVS Volunteers showing their talents in various spheres like singing, dancing, playing instruments etc.
    Every year our school donates items to this school as per their requirements. Last year we donated a music system with microphone and recording facility. This year we donated an Aquaguard water purifier to facilitate safer drinking water.

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  • The volunteers made a group of around 3-4 members and then they discussed on the garbage disposal, its problems and solutions. These solutions will be put forward to the concerned authorities for necessary action.

  • When the JRC volunteers went home for the holidays, they taught an illiterate person (for most of them, it was their domestic help) for one month, so that they could at least write their name. This step is meant to eradicate illiteracy.

  • The students also visited a slum area in Tezpur. The purpose of the visit was to see the living conditions of these poor people who donít have proper drinking water, sanitation etc. They are too poor to even buy books for their children.

  • The volunteers also did a chart on religious conflicts. The purpose of this work is to spread the message that we should be together as one, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, because all the religions profess the same beliefs, only the way and the language is different.

    There are three more parameters which the students are yet to complete, which will be done in the coming weeks