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Speech Writing & Delivery


Public Speaking is an integral part of the Assam Valley School education. The purpose of this endeavor is to dramatically improve the attitude of a majority of students who feel that they cannot make a public speech, any time, anywhere to anyone. Events like the Original Individual Speech Trophy, with a bouquet of topics, not only showcases the existing talent of ready tongues at AVS , but also inspires the hesitant talents who “have it in them.”

What one says, is important, but how one says it, is even more important. This is the age of the stage. We at AVS take pride in teaching students, at a very early age, the three canons of public speaking: “Stand Up”, “Speak Up” and “Shut Up”.

Creative Writing provides individual freedom to the growing adult to break away from mob psychology, as creativity is the greatest rebellion against existence. The student is encouraged not to follow the trodden path and to think differently. Creative writing, today, has become almost a part of our existing curriculum at The Assam Valley School.

Creative Writing Competitions at school have led the teenaged AVS to script history by winning laurels in the much-coveted All-India Albert Barrow Creative Writing Competition, conducted by the Council for ICSE and ISC schools across the nation. We await the annual publication of the Council featuring the top twenty essays of the country.

Master – in – charge : Kevin O’Brien
Contact : email Id: