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Theatre is not only a passion at The Assam Valley School, but its very pulse.


The School is an amphitheatre for serious theatre. We teach budding talents all the intricacies of theatre, including Production (use of light and sound, make-up and costume), acting, direction and script-writing. Invigorating workshops by skilled professionals have enhanced the sheen of theatre at AVS.

The Original One-Act Play Competition between the four Brother-Sister Houses is a feast for the eyes. The fierce but healthy sense of competition leaves the audience spellbound. Students write their own scripts, perform and even direct themselves. Every year we discover fresh talent, who even go on to win awards.


The Founders’ Production is worth traveling miles for theatre lovers. AVS has realized the dictum of theatre put forth by Shakespeare – “to hold the mirror up to nature”. The theatre society has learnt to give to its audience recognizable human beings portraying all the conflicting tides in the soul of man.