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Academic Activities


With a view to realizing the latent potential of some of the Assam Valley School’s brightest students, the school organises various Leadership Workshops from time to time.


In today’s increasingly competitive world, the ICS workshops strive to create an atmosphere of informed awareness, so that the job-seekers of tomorrow can be better equipped to avail of the many possibilities that lie before them.


The school also take their students for various educational tours to various places out side school.


Those students with an aptitude for environmental activism and an interest in nature will have a platform to actively engage in practices that combat global warming and climate change, by joining Naturenomics, a new initiative undertaken by the Assam Valley School.


Students also spearhead campaigns of local relevance to enthuse local communities to change their attitudes. Major issues which students will have campaign for, will be waste management issues, the ill effects of the use of polybags and toxic colours during Holi, implications of bursting crackers during certain festivals and propagating environment friendly way of idol immersion during certain festivals and other environmental issues. Once the students are convinced about the issues, they actively campaign to further spread awareness in their own school, neighboring communities and even nearby schools