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Co-curricular Activities


To explore the full breadth and richness of India’s cultural tradition we have built an art school which will offer lessons in painting, graphic design, pottery & ceramics, batik, screen painting and lithography. The music school offers tabla, sitar , sarod, flute, piano, violin and guitar lessons.

A vital part of the cultural life at AVS depends on the Dance School. The AVS Dance School currently offers 3 classical dance forms - Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Satriya. Students of all Classes can opt for their preferred dance, be it as an Academic Subject, an Activity or even as a Specialization.

Individual attention, interactivity emphasis the student-centric approach of the school. It promotes hands on learning and cutting-edge methodology. The use of educational technology, the sprawling library with over 10,000 books and an audiovisual room, are all geared towards stimulating curiosity and the desire to know, rather than turning learning into an unpleasant chore.

A new initiative is the introduction of e-learning that tutors candidates for the IITs and medical school entrance examinations. Performances are evaluated across a spectrum of qualitative parameters, rather than traditional percentages. Students are encouraged, not intimidated. After all, while academic rivalry encourages excellence, excessive competition can daunt the young mind.