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Activities & Sports


To explore the full breadth and richness of India’s cultural tradition we have built an art school which will offer lessons in painting, graphic design, pottery & ceramics, batik, screen painting and lithography.

The music school offers tabla, sitar , sarod, flute, piano, violin and guitar lessons.

Education must work towards creating a caring and responsible society- which is why community service is an integral part of the curriculum. Adult literacy, fire-fighting, tree-planting, selling crafts for charity and a concern for the environment, are some of the social initiatives that every student is involved in. The school is different because it affords varied leadership experiences to the children, who are encouraged to 'own' the school. There are various other activities which are described as follows :


Academic Activities, Co-curricular Activities, Spare Time Activities, Social Service, Expeditions etc.


Sports at The Assam Valley School is not just an arena for competition. It plays the much larger role of developing team spirit and sportsmanship and exploring and augmenting each child's hidden talent. Specialization in a particular sport is actively encouraged.

To help build team spirit and physical fitness the following sports are offered :

Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Squash, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Horse Riding, Archery, Swimming, Gymnastics, Yoga, Athletics, Marathons