The Aerospace and Science Discovery Camp was conducted at The Assam Valley School between 10th -13th May,2014.It was designed to combine a series of hands on and interactive activities with special demonstrations that focus on the core principles of Science such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and mathematics.

The main focus of this camp was learning essential STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) based principles utilizing engaging educational, fun presentation and hands on activities in an effective way. The renowned Austalian Science educator, Sam Gibbs and his team members Vikram, Pankaj, Jose and Sumeet conducted an intensive and exciting day long cam for classes 5-12 for 4 days at The Assam Valley School. Mr. Gibbs brought with him 15 years of expertise in conducting informal Science Programme. Some of the activities includes skill building activities that help in motor development , mental focus, instruction following and simple engineering. During the session he and his team have done the following activities.

  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • The energy cycle and energy conversion
  • Mass and energy relationship
  • Basic thermodynamics Bernoulli’s Principle
  • Exploration of space and the ISS Paper Aircraft fold and fly
  • Introduction to planetary Science
  • The Amazing Electromagnetic spectrum Soada Starw rocket build and fly
  • Demonstration of Hydro rocketry

As a matter of fact, it was engaging and educational activities that are critical in the development of understanding of Science in the school community for building scientific temper. The programmed was successfully conducted and benefitted to more than 800 pupils of The Assam Valley School.

We show our gratitude to Mr. Huidrom and HOS for providing great opportunity which was eye opening to all of us.

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