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Safety & Security


Area is spread across 275 acres, surrounded on all sides by tea gardens. The School is situated 6 km West of National Highway 52 (Tezpur-Balipara Bomdila axis) and is only 26 km from Tezpur, the District Headquarters of Sonitpur. There is hardly any population in the close vicinity of the School.

An Army unit (Counter Insurgency Training School) is about two km away from the School on its way from National Highway 52. Proximity of the CITS provides inherent security to the School. There are three tea gardens around the School campus. All these gardens have armed guards. The School has very good liaison with these establishments in all respect including security requirement at the time of need.

The entire area of the campus is fenced along the periphery of 5.5 km with barbed wire fencing of 10 feet high. The top segment of the fence is angled outwards to prevent ingress. The perimeter is patrolled 247 by armed guards from the ATPSF (Assam Tea Plantation Security Force).

The security apparatus of the School consists of two platoons of Government force with sophisticated weapons, private security personnel including lady guards and chowkidars (employed as additional night watchmen).

Campus Security

The campus is patrolled by armed and unarmed guards round the clock. Every individual including staff has to go through a Standard Security Check Procedure while entering or exiting through the Main Gate.

House Security During Night Hours

Girls Houses 

While armed guards patrol the outer periphery of the Girls Houses, a night ayya and a lady guard remain inside each House during night hours not only to attend to the requirement of pupils but also to ensure safety, security and discipline of the House.

Boys Houses

While for safety, security and discipline, a security guard and watchmen do their duty inside the House, sufficient armed guards remain vigilant outside the Boys Houses throughout the day and night.

Movement of Pupils

No pupil moves out of the campus without an adult escort and armed guard.