Frequently Asked Questions


Question :   What is the Fee Structure of the School?
Answer   :  The Fee Structure of the current academic year is given as : Click Here

Question : What happens if my child is outside the preferred entry age range?
Answer   : Age stipulations are strictly observed and the parent is responsible for the compliance as required by the age chart.

Age Chart for Registration (Class age in Years):

Age(Yrs) 10+ 11+ 12+ 13+ 14+

Question : Written Test will be in which subjects and what is the syllabus?
Answer   : Written test comprise of four subjects : English, Mathematics, General awareness and 2nd Language. We try to design the Test papers keeping in mind that the applicants come form various boards. The level of the Entrance Test for all classes is set at the expected standard of one year lower than the year for which they are entered i.e. if a student is seeking admission into class 5, the level of entrance test would be roughly of class 4 course. This pattern continues through the class range. General guidelines of the syllabus expected is dispatched after the registration along with the admit card.

Question : What are the options for the 2nd Languages?
Answer   : Choice of 2nd Language is between Hindi, Assamese or Bengali. Parents must consult the child and then only fill up the Admit card. The change of the 2nd Language cannot be entertained by the request of the candidate in the Exam Hall.

Question : I have applied my child for class 5. Which year’s exam marksheet must be attached with the Registration Form?
Answer   : You need to enclose duly attested copy of the Annual Exam Marksheet of the previous year. If you have applied your child for class 5, it means your child is now in class 4 and so you need to attach the Annual Exam Marksheet of class 3.

Question : When do we register for class XI ?
Answer   : Registrations for class XI starts from the month of December or you can register as soon as you have the Trial Exam Marksheet of your child.

Question : How should we register?
Answer   : You can either download the forms form the Website or can e-mail the Tutor for Admission or can collect the form in person form the school.