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The aims of the Geography Department at The Assam Valley School are to stimulate a sense of curiosity and wonder about places, help them in understanding the rapidly changing world and their place in it, as well as inspiring students to become global citizens. The Department supports pupils in their ambition to achieve these aims through a broad and exciting Geography curriculum.


• Stimulated the pupils’ interest in and curiosity about their surroundings through Assembly presentations and Sunday presentations on mysteries;

• Created and fostered a sense of wonder about the world;

• Inspired a sense of responsibility for the environments and people of the world we live in;

• Develop pupils’ competence in specific geographical skills;

• Increase the pupils’ knowledge and awareness of the world through discussions on current geographical issues;

• Help pupils acquire and develop the skills and confidence to undertake investigation, problem solving and decision making.




Mrs. Sahana Majumdar. (Chair, Geography Department, Director of Educational Administration)

Qualifications: B. A. (Hons. in Geography) from Calcutta University, B.Ed (Annamalai University), M.Sc (Sikkim Manipal University)

Experience of 28 years of teaching Geography including 9 years at The Assam Valley School.

It is her belief that in the 21st century, there has been a phenomenal change in societies and cultures. As educators we need to accept that change and realize that we can no longer rely on tools of the past to meet the educational demands of the changed society. Thus, we need to redefine objectives and develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning. These approaches will be capable of engaging students better. Learning will become fun and interesting and not a burden. Learning should become an integral part of children’s growth to become global citizens. .





Mr. Minto Borah (Teacher, Coordinator, Humanities Department)

Qualification: MSc. BEd from Guwahati University.

Experience of over 10 years as teacher of Geography in The Assam Valley School in Coordinating the Geography Department, Coordinating the Clubs and Societies programme, etc, he believes that Education is one of the most important assets in developing young individuals to make them competent enough to change their environment to greater conformity with moral ideas.





Mrs. P. Syiemlieh (Teacher, Housemistress- Jinari)

Qualification: B.A., B.Ed from North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong.

18 years of teaching experience. She feels that it is not difficult for a child to be a lifelong learner in today’s world with such easy access to technology and information, so the teacher needs to be a guide and a facilitator.





Mrs. Indra Rao Mahanta (Teacher)

Qualification: B.A. (Geog), B.Ed (Guwahati University), Diploma in Environmental Education (IGNOU), Praveen in Hindi (Ministry of Human Resource Development).

6 years working experience in CBSE School, Principal of KIDZEE, Tezpur for 1year. 1 year teaching experience in AVS and currently teaching Geog, EED and Hindi in 8th and 9th form. Apart from teaching she loves dance. Loves teaching and being with kids which gives her a new learning experience every day.




Mr. Abhinav Gogoi(Teacher/Counselor)

COUNSELOR PROFILE Inter-disciplinarity, internationalism and “Education without Prejudice” are values he strictly adheres to. He is an IB graduate from Mahindra United World College of India, and has completed his higher studies in Jacobs University Bremen and University Bremen (Germany) in Marine Geosciences and Climate Research. He has penchant for traveling and after having done so extensively, he realized his desire to start giving back to the communities that has structured his holistic growth – hence, his interest in teaching (Geography and Environmental Sciences) at his alma mater, the Assam Valley School. He is also working to develop the Careers Department, to bring an international perspective to AVS and help students go abroad for better education..