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Mr. Thajeb Ali Hazarika (Teacher)

Thajeb Ali Hazarika believes that politics is the foetal kick, the driving life-force in society always in a state of demand. A passionate educator, a lifelong learner with a penchant for seeking analogies as diverse as the Halo Effect to Centripetal and Centrifugal pull from the sciences to Psephology in core Politics, Thajeb believes that the discipline of Political Science need to be understood in the context of the sweeping changes affecting the globe and its impact at both the macro and micro levels. With nearly seven years of commendable service experience in a premier residential school Thajeb makes learning of Political Science engrossing. The glorious spirit of critical inquiry backed by rational analysis has been his constant endeavor at the Assam Valley School. Thajeb Ali Hazarika holds a Masters degree from Cotton College and is keen on debating.