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Mr. B. Moses Herick (Head of Special Education Centre )


• Having credential of associating in structuring of WHO/ILEP Technical Guide on CBR and Leprosy – WHO 2007 publications at Schonstattzentrum marienhone, Germany.

• Distinction of organising press conferences and given live panel discussions in DD (National TV channel) on CBR & PWD act.

• Directed a documentary motion picture on vocational rehabilitation.

• Facilitated Mr. Peter Coleridge ILO consultant by collecting preliminary data on community based vocational rehabilitation.

• Presented a Paper on ‘Autism at National Workshop on Autism’ organized by Rehabilitation Council of India & Guild of Service.

• Presented a paper on ‘Responding to Special needs - Children and Women, stressed the need for inclusive education for children affected by leprosy and other disabling conditions.

• Presented a paper on ‘The Need for transfer of Behavior Modification Skills through CBR Approach’ during IInd International conference, Circles of support in India and Europe.

• Facilitated in formation of NGO Networks in all South Indian States and in Bihar.