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School Council


Do students need to have a platform to voice their opinions, concerns & suggestions on academic issues? In progressive education, if students are to be the center of education, shouldn’t their inputs be of prime importance? Education along with other spheres of life is changing rapidly. Should students will be an integral part of bringing this change. The answer to these questions at the Assam Valley School, we believe is yes. With these believes the students elected their representatives for the School Council. The members are from various houses & classes ranging from 3 to 12.

  Objectives of the council:

  • To ensure that academics is priority amongst staff & student at AVS.

  • To emphasize on the significance of excelling in academics.

  • The guide the school community towards real Academics i.e. man making & not mere mark making.

  • To educate students in voicing their opinions in a democratic manner.

  • To identify & recommend ways/methods of enhancing productivity in teaching-learning.