Mr. Abhijit Baruah

Education: B.A. (Gauhati University), B.Mus. (Lucknow), Diploma in Commercial Programming (Bombay)

Mr. Baruah started his career in 1992 as a Computer Teacher at the St. Joseph Convent School, Tezpur. He was also associated with the publishing industry after doing various short-term certificate courses in IT. He joined The Assam Valley School in 1997 in the department of ICT. He joined the Head of School’s Secretariat in 2004 and was subsequently promoted to the position of Executive Officer to the Head of School in 2011.

Mr. Baruah currently executes the Head of School’s Executive Orders and ensures compliance. He works closely with the Head of School in all aspects of School administration, organizes documents for School staff and arranges documents for outgoing pupils. He interfaces with key external contacts as and when necessary.

Mr. Baruah has also been assigned with the responsibility of looking after the School’s Human Resource Management. Apart from jobs like hiring of new Staff, dealing with appraisals, award of increments & promotions, housing transfers & allotments, he also helps the Head of School on redressing employee’s grievances and takes part in the orientation process of new Staff. He looks after the welfare of staff and effectively liaises between employees and the Head of School.

He can be contacted via email at: eohm@assamvalleyschool.com.