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To make learning and teaching more effective scientific theories propounded in a classroom is tested in state-of-the art laboratories of AVS that are equipped with the latest facilities to provide a hands on experience. The School endeavors , in doing so, to create global citizens of tomorrow who have a wider and deeper understanding of natural phenomena and global issues.


Biology laboratories

The Assam Valley School has two well equipped and fully furnished laboratories catering to the needs of the syllabus. All types of animal and plant specimens are on display in the laboratories and are used for transaction in the class. We also have charts, models and other paraphernalia covering all aspects of Biology.


Physics Laboratories

The AVS provides all the modern facilities to train budding scientists to become world citizens and use their knowledge for the benefit of mankind. The state-of-the art Physics laboratories (two in number) of AVS are equipped with the latest facilities to provide hands-on experience in experimental sciences to the pupils of classes 3 to 12.


Chemistry Laboratories

In the department, we have two big labs which can accommodate twenty five students per lab. These labs are used by classes six to twelve students. These labs are specially designed to cater the needs of classes 11science and 12 science pupils. The laboratories are fully equipped with all the instruments and chemicals as required by ICSE and ISC curriculum. We have four Kipp’s apparatus for ready supply of hydrogen sulphide gas and our own distilled water units. For organic experiments two big water baths are also provided. Mr. Rajib Hazarika is the lab demonstrator and takes care of the general housekeeping and preparation of chemicals.