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The Dance School


A vital part of the cultural life at AVS depends on the Dance School. The AVS Dance School currently offers 3 classical dance forms - Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Satriya. Students of all Classes can opt for their preferred dance, be it as an Academic Subject, an Activity or even as a Specialization.

The Dance School strives to raise the standard of Indian Classical Dance not only by training during classes but also by inviting eminent Gurus and Dance Troupes, who further guide the students through Workshops, Lectures & Demonstrations.

Dance students are encouraged participate in events such as the Founders' celebrations, the 'Inter House Dance Competition', 'Rabindra Jayanti’ and 'Fusion Fest’, amongst others.


Students are also encouraged to travel beyond the AVS, to participate in Inter-school events. Extraordinary participation and exemplary performances are awarded Certificates, School Colours and prizes.