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The ICT Department


The ICT Department has established itself as a thriving and vibrant platform, where the pupils are trained to pursue higher levels of technical knowledge and creativity.

On the Academic front, the Department has been posting excellent results in Public Examinations on a consistent basis. Through a process of intensive training, innovative teaching methodology and interactive learning techniques, the pupils are trained to face the challenges of the future. The Senior School students study Java (programming language) and core Computer Science concepts.  The Department produced an Aggregate of 89% at the ICSE level and a staggering 96.6% at the ISC level in the year 2012. Most of our students have gone on to pursue Computer Science and IT at the Tertiary level. Their expertise in the subject has rewarded them with scholarships to study in world- class institutions including the National University of Singapore.

The Middle School pupils are given the opportunity to explore the world of contemporary skills in computing. They navigate through various software packages, which help them to learn Desktop Publishing, designing Documents, Spreadsheets, Web-pages, Animations and Presentations. The Junior School pupils are also given an introduction to programming with LOGO. The Middle and Junior School students are involved in a number of projects through the year for hands-on experience in IT skills.

The Department offers four different activities at the Senior, Middle and Junior levels. In the Senior Activity Pragramme, the students are given an opportunity to choose from two options; Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Web Page Designing. In the Middle School, the pupils are trained in Desktop Publishing. In the Junior School, students have an exciting activity, ‘Fun With Computers’. Each year, the Department puts up an excellent exhibition during the Founders’ Day Celebrations of the school, showcasing the work done by the pupils.

The ICT lab is fully air-conditioned and it is equipped with 47 Pentium-based (Dual-Core and Core-2-Duo) branded modern computers, working on Windows XP platform, connected to a Server. We have high-speed internet access which works around-the-clock. The ICT Department consists of three teachers, who teach Classes 4 to 12: -

  1. Mr. Tushar Bharadwaj (‘Chair’ of Department)
  2. Mr. Dulu Dutta (Teacher)
  3. Mrs. Nabanita K. Jassal (Teacher)