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Publication Room


The Publication Unit of the Assam Valley School refers to mainly to the Weekly AVE and the Yearbook. The AVE is a student run initiative and reports through the print media the weekly happenings in the School. The AVE also prints original creative articles that are submitted by the students.

The Foundersí Issue of the AVE is released on Foundersí Day and is a special issue.
The Yearbook chronicles the happenings of the whole year.

The Department of Indian Languages puts together a tri-lingual journal, representing Assamese, Hindi and Bengali. Poems, essays and editorials are complied by staff and students, offering a glimpse into the yearís creative and academic progress. Likewise, the English Department celebrates the creative talents of its students in ĎAviatureí, a literary journal.

The ĎAcademic Journalí provides a forum for the Department Heads and Coordinators comprising the Schoolís Academic Research Committee to offer their thoughts on their area of jurisdiction. The Academic Journal also traces developments in different subject areas in the larger context of advances in education, both at the AVS and in other institutions.


Founderís Day Publications:

Founderís Day at the Assam Valley School showcases the achievements of its students and staff. These achievements are represented in a number of ways, from exhibitions and presentations, to special publications that bring together the talents and thoughts of AVS students and staff alike.