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The Assam Valley school caters to a wide variety of students and staff members from different parts of India and the world and keeping in mind their dietary requirements the catering department produces a wide assortment of cuisines to satisfy their palates.  Catering Never Sleeps as they say, round the clock production and monitoring have made catering department the life line of THE ASSAM VALLEY SCHOOL.

Time Management is the key factor for Catering operations. It is a continuous process whereby after every meal is ready for dispatch, preparation starts for the forthcoming one. Catering covers six meals a day with each meal being prepared for 1080 numbers. The Catering Department operates round the clock to fulfill the catering requirements of the School community.

There are 7 Dining Halls and food is delivered through a hot case delivery Van to these different locations.


Daily Menu Is planned keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of the growing children, their palate, time of the day, and the month, and to provide different and interesting meals to the children in our care.

The Day Starts With

Chota Hazri : Biscuits & Tea / Milk (Junior School)


Breakfast : Cereal / Milk / Toast/Butter / Jam / Egg / Poori / Paratha (stuffed) / Bhaji Honey / Uttapam / Idli / Vada / Dosa etc.

Mid Morning: Sandwiches / Cake / Biscuits / Cutlet / Swiss Roll / Pancake / Fruit

Lunch : Salad / Dal / Rice / Paratha / Pickle / Seasonal Vegetable / Papad / Raita & Special Lunch On Sundays & Holidays. (All Types of Cuisine Served Including Chinese / Continental)

Eve Snacks : Juice(summer) / Pakora / Maggi / Cutlet / Kachori / Sandwiches / Samosa / Tea / Coffee(Winters)/ Patties / Batata Vada / Milk Shakes / Pizza / Grilled Sandwich etc.

Dinner : Salad / Papad / Pickle / Rice/ Paratha / Dal / Non Veg / Veg / Dessert (All Types Of Cuisine Served On A Rotation Basis Indian / Chinese / Continental).

Special Breakfast: Juice / Wafers / French Fries / Chicken Sandwiches / Tomato Sauce / Croquette (veg) / Kathi Roll (Veg) / Grilled Sandwich etc.


Special Diet

Provides Special Diet to The School Infirmary As Per Recommendations From The RMO. Other than providing regular meals at dining halls, the Catering Department is also involved in catering at different school functions.

Health & Hygiene:

School RMO with the Catering Manager at regular intervals keep checking health & hygiene of the food handlers and also a wide variety of hygiene products of a multinational is used for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of the production unit as well as the dining halls.

Future Planning:

Upgrading of the catering Department for ISO certification .
To upgrade cleanliness & hygiene upto the level of catering units of airlines / cruise liners