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Estate development and upkeep includes boundary fencing, cleanliness and upkeep of roads and drainage, control of pest and herbs , maintenance and upkeep of gardens. The Estate has a huge open area, developed aesthetically, which needs regular maintenance. The high growth of wild grasses, macanias, mimosas and other kinds of wild growth are controlled regularly to preserve the eye catching landscapes of the campus throughout the year. Apart from this, the Estate staff is engaged in various activities to include transplantation of  plants and trees, weed control , pest control, drainage development, maintenance of roads , security fencing , boundary ditch and drainage.

In keeping with environmental norms, tree planting and care is a major activity involving selection and placement, transplantation, mulsing, soiling, weeding, lopping, liming, spraying of insecticides and watering activities. There are 18356 matured trees & shrubs of all variety in our campus. . The road side jungle and the grass is cut regularly , drains are kept silt free, fencing is checked everyday, bunds and ditches maintained. Keeping in view the expanse of area (275 acres), the entire estate is divided into 12 sectors for operational convenience. Deployment varies from time to time depending upon the amount of work required to be done in a particular sector.

The School has around 5.5 km barbed wire fencing along the campus. The fence stands 10 feet tall with the top section angled outwards to prevent ingress. The campus is served by approximately 10 km of bituminous road and another 3 km of grass road with large sized parking spaces available around the campus.