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The Office of the Head of School



Executive Officer to the Head of School

Mr. Abhijit Baruah implements the Head’s executive orders and interfaces with key external contacts as and when necessary. He works with the Head of School in all aspects of School administration, organizes papers for School staff and arranges documents for outgoing pupils.

Systems Administrator

Mr. Rupjyoti Das is the overall in-charge of IT. He works in conjunction with the Head of School. Prior to AVS he worked in IBM and HP India.


Mr. Monjit Bora manages the Head of School’s official and personal affairs while also handling employee records. He personally handles the communications systems personnel for the AVS.

Event Manager

Mr. Leslie Peter Watts works in conjunction with the Deputy Headmaster on all events held in the School. The main job is to ensure efficient operation of events and liaise with the respective organizers regarding their requirements. The Event Manager administers the operations of each event through Commercial, Estate, Maintenance, Catering and other Administrative departments. As the Head of Hospitality, Mr. Watts looks after the AVS Guest House, making sure that any guests to the school are comfortably settled and have all their requirements met.


School Liaison Officer

Mrs. Evarinam Pakyntein facilitates the interaction between the institution and its Stakeholders – pupils, staff, parents, Governors’ and the public. The S L O’s primary remit is to organise and manage the Head of School’s daily engagements at the School.