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From the Desk of the Resident Medical Doctor

The AVS Infirmary is a 32 bed hospital run by an eleven member health care team. The health care team aims at maintaining a clean, organized and healthy environment throughout the School. In order to achieve this, preventive, curative and other self care strategies are adopted. Extensive anthropometric measures are routinely carried out at the beginning and end of each term. Optimum care is taken to recommend the most nutritious food, based on the nutritional requirements for children. Regular health and sanitary rounds help to detect and curb diseases at the grass roots level. Immunizations and vaccinations are given utmost importance as it is a safe and effective way to help the body prevent and fight off certain diseases.

At the curative level, the hospital is well equipped to deal with most emergency situations that may arise in a residential school such as head injury, snake bite, myocardial infarction. The infrastructure in the hospital is designed so as to provide a homely environment for the sick child and at the same time maintain optimal levels of hygiene in order to expedite the process of recovery.

Dr. Dimple Baruah
Resident Medical Officer

Human Resources

Medicare in the school hospital is provided by the Resident Medical Officer who is assisted by 4 qualified nurses, working in shifts. The hospital also has a homeopathic clinic which is run by a qualified homeopath who also serves as the warden of the hospital. The Utility workers and the female night attend assist the nurses, thus offering consistent medical service.


Out-patient as well as in-patient hospital treatment is provided to all staff and students. The OPD is run according to fixed timings whereas emergency care is provided round-the-clock. The hospital also runs a Clinical Laboratory for routine tests. Specialist care, whenever required, is provided by excellent specialists at Tezpur as well as Phulbari Central Hospital. The school hospital has 32 beds with 15 beds in each boy’s and girl’s ward, and another 2 beds for the staff who require in-patient treatment.


The AVS has a well equipped Tavera ambulance for medical referral as well as for emergency services.

Staff Welfare

The AVS offers a special health care scheme to all staff. This scheme provides ample funds for medical care in the event of hospitalization. Every member of staff undergoes an annual health examination.