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The Pastoral Care support at AVS


The children at AVS are nestled under the safe abode of Houses; a true testimony of Residential School experience. The eight Houses at AVS, borrow their names from the well-known tributaries of the mighty Brambhaputra, to attach the neighbouring flavor of the North-East. Each department, Boys’ and Girls, are allotted four Houses each which are captained by the Housemasters or Housemistresses and the Matrons, administratively. The real pilots of the Houses are the House Captain and the Prefects who, in collaboration with the HSMs, run the daily operation of the Boarding system. The distinctive mark of a true House Spirit is the House Colour, flaunted flamboyantly by the Brother-Sister Houses.

A miniature of cosmos, the AVS community boasts of their top-quality pastoral care department that, indeed, earns the School, the coveted, No-1 Co-educational Boarding School in the North East of India.