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Lohit House







Designation Name

Housemaster Upper School

Mr. A. S. Huidrom

Housemaster Lower School

Mr. Prem Kumar Singh

Tutors Mr. Sebu P. Sharma (Resident Tutor)
Mr. Bijan Panigrahi
Mr. Thajeb Ali Hazarika
Mr. Sanjay Sharma
Mr. Taufique Alam Ansari(Associate Tutor)
Mr. Manas Mukhoti(Associate Tutor)
Mr. Siddharth Bathla (Tutor and Resident Tutor)
Mr. Rajib Hazarika
Mr. Devendra Verma
Mr. Rajen Bharali
Mr. Jalam Singh
Mr. Devesh K. Prajapati
Mrs. Rubi B. Bordoloi (Associate Tutor)
Dame (Upper School) Mrs. Nomita Huidrom
Dame(Lower School) Mrs. Janet Bharadwaj

House Report:

                Lohit was founded in the year 1995, being one of the first houses to be erected in the school. It now houses 111 students and 3 staff members (residing in the staff quarters).

                Lohit is a house bounded by their unique sense of brotherhood and they live true to their house motto: “First deserve, then desire.” Every Lohitian responds, obediently and without hesitation, to the call of duty.

                Lohit has proven its versatility in every field and every challenge. From sports to academics, Lohit always give in their best. Their sense of belonging to the house and their strong belief in himself and his comrades helps him overcome any hurdle they face.

They say, ‘It is not always about winning but about giving it our best shot at every challenge’, true, but we have a different view, we not only believe in giving in our 100% but also to crush our rivals as well. Facing defeats is inevitable, so we accept it when it comes to us with our heads held high and in good sport and that is not all. Each defeat makes us bolder and makes us hit back much harder.

Lohit has a huge entourage of the finest athletes and sportsmen. During the year gone by Lohit has secured first position in Archery, Soccer, Basketball, Athletics, Marathons, Hockey, Badminton and Tennis, and secured the second position in Volleyball. Lohit has dominated the field of sports.

But sports are not the only strong aspect of Lohit. Lohit is filled with skilled artisans and writers. We have shown our talent in drama by securing the first position in the Inter-house one act play competition. Besides the one act play Lohit has also won the inter house Indian Music (instrumental and vocal) competition and the Inter house dance. Lohit has won each and every major event that there was.

 Lohit had won the sports cup for their excellent overall performance in sports. Although we had given in our best, we had to settle for the second place in

Lohit is a united house. Its essence unique. Our strength lies in our faith and our brotherly bond. We never shy away from a challenge. Our greatest glory is in never falling but in rising every time we fall.