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Manas House






Designation Name

Housemaster Upper School

Dr. R. K. Mishra

Housemaster Lower School

Mr. Sabir Ansari


Mr. Tapas Das (Resident Tutor)

Mr. Anil K. Yadav

Mr. Debnath Pyne

Mrs. Nabanita Kaur Jassal

Mr. B. Moses Herick

Mr. Pulok Borborah

Mr. Rajen Bharali

Mr. Sebu p. Sharma

Mr. Umesh Singh (Associate Tutor)

Mrs. Torali Baruah (Associate Tutor)
Mr. Pranjal Baruah (Associate Tutor)
Dame Mrs. Janet Bharadwaj

 House Report:

Manas, one of the three oldest Houses in the school, came into existence in 1995.  It has, over the years, garnered a strong cultural heritage and won several awards and accolades.

The House motto, ‘Perseverance,’ personifies each Manas boy, for the road to perfection requires perseverance and practice, however talented one may be. To this end, Manas has produced many fine individuals in the fields of academics, sports, and co-curriculum. We have done particularly well in a diverse array of activities such as music, debating, dramatics, writing, football, swimming, athletics, basketball, squash, marathons, water polo and a range of other disciplines. Manas has also done consistently well in Board examinations, with an average of 85.27% and 7 boys getting above 90% in ICSE 2010, while the average in ISC 2010 was 86.41% with 5 students scaling the 90% hurdle. Along the years, we have produced some exemplary leaders, including three School Captains, and the same number of Head Boys, apart from a number of other prefects.

Music runs in the veins of every Manas boy, while sport is embedded in his DNA. A good joke and a Manas boy can never be far apart, yet each boy realizes the importance of academics in his life. It is an omnipresent entity, residing on the back of his mind. We study, we play, and we have fun.

We are not mere boys. We are a movement, a revolution, and a fraternity, all rolled into one. We are the products of Manas.