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Namdang House







Designation Name

Housemaster Upper School

Mr. Daljeet Singh

Housemaster Lower School

Mr. Arvind Benjamin


Mr. Samuel Daniel David (Resident Tutor)

Mr. Rajender Chauhan

Mr. Abhinav B. Gogoi

Mr. C. S. Shankar

Mr. Minto Borah
Mr. Pranjal Baruah (Associate Tutor) 
Mr. Amalmani Sharma (Tutor and Resident Tutor)
Mrs. Sapna Chauhan
Mrs. Rimjhim Ghosh Pyne
Mr. Lovesh Sharma
Mr. Sabir Ansari
Ms. Barnali Baruah (Associate Tutor)
Dame (Upper School) Mrs. Daisy Rani Baruah Ahmed
Dame (Lower School) Mrs. Jyoti Sharma



House Report:

Namdang was born in the auspicious year that marked the beginning of a new century. Yes, Namdang was established on March, 2000. This house began with only twenty six students and today it has ninety eight students. With each year the house has grown not only in numbers, but also in all sphere of school life.

In our house, we not only strive for excellence, but also build character of young pupils for the twenty first century.

We were the first house ever to win the prestigious “R.B Magor Trophy”. Our spirit and strength is shown in our motto “DARE TO EXCEL”. The Phoenix shows our courage to revive itself in times of difficulty. Namdang House is the youngest boys’ hostel in the history of the Assam Valley School.

Housemaster’s Statement:

Namdangians also known as ‘Spartans’, are collectively an embodiment of discipline and restraint. The boys of Namdang are simple, prudent, and austere. They are courageous and resolute in the face of pain and challenge.

I am to foster every boy’s welfare, growth and development within a disciplined and caring environment. Our House motto is “Dare to Excel”. All members of the House are encouraged to aim for excellence in any area of School activity. A good relationship between the young’s and adults is a priority, and the sharing of each other’s successes and disappointments too and a good sense of humour are prominent features of House-life. All boys are expected to take pride in their work and to take part in the sporting and cultural life of School to develop their own interests as well as to make a valuable contribution to the spirit of the House.

I am supported by an Assistant Housemaster, a Dame, Tutors and a group of utility service providers. All boys have a Tutor whose primary responsibility is to assist their tutees in academics, cultural, sport and pastoral progress. The House Captain and the Prefects play a crucial role in the House matters.

The summary of NAMDANG:

N—Never Give Up
A—Always Aim for Higher
M—Managing the relationship
D—Dare to Excel
A—Achievement of the Vision and Goals
G—Gentlemen like a quality

I aim to provide an environment that each boy must find both friendly and enjoyable learning experience. It should also generate a strong interpersonal skill and a life-long experience.

The House has six ethos which the “Spartans” would like to practise:

1. Be Gentle and Respect to elders.
2. Be Kind and Helpful.
3. Work Hard and take your own Responsibility.
4. Look after Property and Environment.
5. Listen to People and Communicate effectively.
6. Be Honest in a Community living

A.S. Huidrom