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Bhoroli House




Designation Name


Mrs. Meenakshi B. Das


Dr. Parinita Goswami (Resident Tutor)

Dr. Pooja Jain

Ms. Kamalica Bhowmick

Ms. Mampi Das

Mrs. Dayita Bira Dutta


Mrs. Jilpa Bhutia


House Report

Bhoroli has the proud distinction of being the oldest   House in the school. Founded in 1st April, 1995, it has truly gone from strength to strength. Bhoroli girls are proud of their traditions and are indeed guided by the examples set by their predecessors, but the greatest strength of Bhoroli lies in its sheer instinctive way of continuously reinventing itself to always stand out in a crowd, be it in Sport, Academics or Cultural Pursuit.

They say, you can recognise a Bhorolite in a crowd irrespective of what she wears. A Bhoroli girl is one who is confident, composed, clear-headed, and honest and perhaps what shines through the most is that she puts her soul into whatever she does and never ever does she give up! That explains why a Bhoroli girl’s motto is ‘EVER ONWARD’.

Varied as the achievements of Bhoroli have been, but consistency has been the touchstone. Be it academics, sport or cultural pursuit, Bhorolites have proved their mettle in every sphere. A Bhorolite has made her presence felt in every aspect of school life and we dare say that without the energy of the girls in Blue, AVS will definitely miss its spark.

This year, too, the girls in Blue lived up to their glorious reputation in the games field. The long hours of practice and the vast reserves of natural talent were for all to see as one after the other Bhoroli girls crossed almost each and every sport landmark. Bhorolites, in short, proved themselves masters of almost every item under the sports category as they clinched the first position in Soccer, Archery, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Hockey, Water-polo, Basketball, Badminton, Marathons and Athletics and also made their presence felt in Squash, Table- Tennis and Swimming. Beyond the familiar terrains of the school campus too, the Bhorolites displayed their natural sporting talent with Pooja Gill participating in the All Assam Swimming Championship, Meghalaya Swimming Open Championship, All Assam Basketball Championship winning several laurels. A special feather in Bhoroli’s cap- Shakti Yambem captured the 10th position in the All Assam Half Marathon. It goes without saying that if anyone deserves the Sports Cup, it is certainly Bhoroli. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when we say that Bhoroli won the Sports Cup.

Academics has always been the hallmark of Bhoroli. Academic brilliance a Bhorolite is blessed with, and with a bent of mind for scholarly research, persistence and hard-work, the Bhoroli girls have made a mark in the field of Academia. ICSE and ISC exams were like previous years aced by Bhorolites and several girls from the House won Honours, Distinction and went up on stage to receive the Star Prize -  Sneha, Pooja, Anushka ,Shivani, Khriebunuo, Harshita, Gayatri, Shrishti, Noune, Dinsung, Joyeeta, Nishi, Akansha, Rima, Venus, Sukrita, Meghna, Sneha Khaund, Aashima, Priyanka, Rituja to name a few. Arshita Harlalka boosted the morale of all Bhoroli and lived up to our academic aspirations as she won the Academic Scholarship for the year and was declared the ‘Most Promising Scholar of the Year’.

On the cultural field the girls in Blue did the House proud with their performance in the Inter House Dance, One Act Play and Music Competitions. They argued and lobbied their way through Debates and Model United Nations with the awesome power of their convictions and clarity of speech. They also modelled and designed and almost owned the Summer Kaleidoscope Fashion show by nationally acclaimed designer Anuj Sharma.

Bhoroli girls, undoubtedly, are brimming with natural, as well as acquired, talent. In whatever activity they undertake, the ‘Bhoroli culture’ shines through. The Bhoroli culture, to be summarized in a nutshell, is all about harnessing that talent, channelizing and developing it to consequently create a unique and distinctive culture - an environment at once affable and solemn. A House where the divide between Seniors and Juniors melts to give birth to a place where Tradition is handed down and permeates through every way of life – that is Bhoroli.

We are confident that the girls will carry on the rich tradition of Bhoroli. We know that they will be true to their colours. And we believe that they will grow up to be the strong and independent young women that their House envisages for them. May they live up to their dreams!