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Jinari House






Designation Name


Mrs. Pamela Syiemlieh


Mrs. Sarika Brahma Hazarika (Resident Tutor)

Mrs. Joyce MacDonald

Mrs. Indra Rao Mahanta

Mrs. Debjani P. Nath
Dr. Alpana Dey


Mrs. Jilpa Bhutia


House Report


“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”
-- Walter Elliot

 Perseverance - The determination to keep trying to accomplish a goal in spite of stumbling blocks is what makes Jinari House stand taller than the rest. Jinari is a House that has been flourishing since its birth on 4th April, 2004. Jinari House spells care, genuinity, rightness, truth and sincerity. Being the youngest House has not deterred us from being a challenge to those who cross our paths. We believe in making charming ladies of the girls that join our team. The house is grateful to the Williamson Magor Trust, the school’s management, staff, clients and the pupils for having been able to try to build a House that values the aspirations of so many and helping them realize their dreams.

 As the years have rolled by, the House has enveloped itself into a character of discipline, obedience, talent and good-cheer. We welcome every girl that joins us and gradually imbibe in them our ways. We make it our business to bring out the best of every child whether it is in sports, culture or academics. Being a good citizen and pursuing a holistic education, with a personal liking for the activty and sport of their choice fills their hearts and mind with a sense of dignity and achievement.

 All members of team Jinari, have under all circumstances given way to the vision statement of the school that ‘Education should be the biggest and best adventure in a child’s life’.The pastoral care team of the house identifies with the idea that life in school for a child is all about the closely knit family ties and hence the role of true mentors mentoring the children in our house helps us all join hands for a cause that is greater than an individual. We lay emphasis on Learning that is to be acquired, by making the pupils realize that their needs are being met physically, emotionally and socially.

 The House hosts a total of sixty four children in its rolls with both boarders and staff children to its credit. There are 59 boarders and five staff children who makes Jinari the vibrant red House.The girls take special charm in being termed as the reds.

 The quote by Richard Le Gallienne is apt for Jinarians as they “Stay the course, light a star and change the world for the better wherever they are.”

 As we move on in life, we all pray for the well being of Jinari and all those who will come, who have come and has ever worked for, studied, and served the school by being a part of this House right from its start. May we seek God’s blessings to keep the Jinarians together, with kind and gentle actions on their part as always.