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Subansiri House






Designation Name


Mrs. Debajani S. Bora


Ms. Prerna Christina Gurkin (Resident Tutor)

Mrs. Urmimala P. Mukhoti

Ms. Vinita Watts 

Mrs. Sarmistha P. Sarkar
Mrs. Rupali Borah (Associate Tutor)
Dame  Mrs. Neeta Hazarika



House Report

Subansiri is an experience, a way of life and a sensibility.

 It is the bubble of joy that rises and then erupts in peals of unrestrained laughter.

It is the  promise of a friendship, the bond of loyalty, and the warmth of a soothing voice.

It is the dappled sunshine that plays upon the Me-Lounge and the gossamer moonshine that drapes itself over  the corridors.

It’s the loud voices that call out “Hurry Up” and the restful sigh with which each head touches the pillow.

Subansiri is a living and breathing entity and She too, like all beings, is ambitious, proud, brave, enigmatic, and more than anything else endearingly fallible.  

We have the potential and the verve, the chutzpah and the dare. We dream but we also do…we start and we finish. There are those who do us proud at classroom and in the field, the ones who bring in the laurels, but there are many whose quiet efforts take time to fruit but are content in the knowledge that our support and encouragement is with them all the time.

The stage is set for the Subansiri girl. No audience is too intimidating and no competition too difficult. The best shot is delivered and the results are awaited: with bated breath and fingers crossed. Victory brings screams that reminisce of our ancient brethren, and the draw backs the despondency…but its soon over. We never rest on past laurels or let failure bring us down

With the high come the lows and in sporting arena Subansiri is at times left a little bereft.  But we learn that victory comes to one who desires it not only with the mind and spirit but with the body, and that hard work is as important as skill and talent.

At Subansiri we dare…

We dare to imagine the impossible and then we go around to making it possible

We dare to differ.

We dare to speak up,

And we dare to stand alone at the face of wrong.

We dare to be different and stand alone in our singularity.

We dare to walk the paths less trodden.

We dare to reach the mountain because we know that the view from top will be worth the climb.

We seek to find and say to do.

We dare to be ourselves.

At Subansiri we Dare to Excel