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Tihu House



Designation Name


Mrs. Nancy Kwan Baruah

Ms. Kabita Bala Devi


Ms. Stephanie Veronica Atkins (Resident Tutor)

Mrs. Mousumi Talukdar

Ms. Pooja Borah  

Ms. Chayanika Baruah  
Ms. Nidhi Singh
Ms. Mamta Mishra
Ms. Bhadrawati Borah
Mrs. Chiranjita Deka Bora

Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur

Mrs. Durba Goswami

Mrs. Suman Singh (Associate Tutor)

Mrs. Sagarika Dutta (Associate Tutor)

House Report:

Tihu House was founded in the April of 2004 as the Headmaster wanted the youngest children of the school to grow up without fear of being bullied or intimidated. He also wanted them to follow a daily schedule that would not be too taxing on them but one that would be fun. At first we took the class 4 and 5 boys and girls out of the Senior Houses and started this junior house.

 Tihu now houses children from The Junior School ie., from class three to class five – both boys and girls. The girls live in one wing of the first floor with the class 3 boys in the other wing. The class 4 and 5 boys live on the ground floor.

 At present we have a strength of 153, of which 131 are boarders and 22 are staff children.

To inculcate a spirit of competition amongst them, they have been divided into four houses – Cygnet, Joey, Fawn and Leveret.

Elocution, Singing, Quizzes, Spelling Bee, Art, Football, Cricket, Swimming and other competitions are held throughout the year.

The subjects they learn are English, Mathematics, Second Language (Hindi, Assamese and Bengali), Third Language, History, Geography, Science, Environmental Education, Art, Music and Dance.

Activities such as Scrabble, Chess, Origami, Papier Mache, Craft, Collage, and Story Telling are conducted twice a week in the afternoon. Children are free to choose their activity and they are graded for their work.

Games play an important part in the curriculum and children are encouraged to try out various games like football, cricket, basketball, tennis, table – tennis and swimming so that they will have an idea of what game to choose when they go up to The Middle School.

On the pastoral side, a housemistress and a housemaster are overall in charge of their well being. They are assisted by a team of tutors who dine with and mentor them on a daily basis. Two Dames and other support staff take care of their laundry, medicare and hygiene.

They are allowed to visit the cafeteria once a week and they get one hundred and twenty rupees worth of coupons to spend on chocolates, chips, ice cream, juice and other cooked items.

Recently a Variety Store has been opened so that students can visit once a week to buy things like toiletries, stationery and food stuff like cheese and pickles.

They write letters home every fortnight. Their mobile telephones are held by their tutor and they get to call home for half an hour on the weekend.

Food is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and they can choose what they want. However wasting of food is not allowed! They are allowed to bring pickles, beverages, spreads, jams and sauces from home. Tuck is not allowed and children cannot keep any food items or medicines with them.

Jewellery is a strict ‘no, no’ except for simple ear studs or ear rings for girls.

The lingua franca at all times is English. We have a very strict ‘no bullying’ and ‘no corporal punishment’ policy at the school. Leave during semester is generally not granted except in very special circumstances such as the death of an immediate member of the family, the marriage of a brother or sister (not cousins, uncles or aunts) or emergency medical treatment.



Students are allowed to choose an activity at the beginning of the academic year. The activities offered are as follows.



 Fun with Science


 Fun with Nature


 Fun with Paint

 Glass Painting

 Soft Toy Craft


 Indian Instrumental Music


 Singing (Western)