While the 21st century beckons to our very own Aviators, standing on the threshold of global citizenship, The Assam Valley School judiciously and gracefully established The Technology Council. The world that we live in today is beset with tensions, assailed with fears and threatened by the daily nightmare of extinction. It becomes indispensable for the 21st century youth to wear the armour of technology to create surer dreams and rosier tomorrows.

The purpose and sole objective of this set-up is to safeguard the usage of the internet and the invisible dangers lurking demoniacally all over the thrill and joy of playing around with these services.

The Technology Council is headed by Mr. Rupjyoti Das and Mr. Tushar Bhardwaj. The significant aspect of the Technology Councilis student representation. The student representatives of each House are as follows Jinari- PoojaSaboo, Manas –Moinam Chatterjee, Kopili-Riyanka Saikia, Dhansiri- Harsh Agarwal,Subansiri–Radhika Jalan, Namdang- Harshit Sarawgi,Bhoroli–Archiya Habib and Lohit- Ketan Jain, who also has the additional responsibility of being honorary Secretary of The Technology Council.

Meetings and workshops have culminated in the establishment of an AVS IT PROTOCOL. The Council constantly discusses and upgrades the cyber laws to meet the demands of the time. We at AVS are moving heaven and earth to expand our IT facility. The double- pronged method is our mantra: to provide and to prevent. We aim to make the internet accessible in totality for educational purposes, and at the same time prevent misuse.

So dear aviators, never to forget that tomorrow is waiting for you with open arms.